Saturday, April 4, 2009

Whats wrong with you people!!!


This a picture a random fellow has put up on his Orkut profile. The picture caption is 'At subway'.There are a few more pics of him at McDonalds and other urban hangouts.Clearly this fellow has some issues. He is wearing a PEPE Jeans shirt , eating at subway and worst of all , thinks that its 'cool' enough to be posted on to his Orkut album.

He has paid an amount almost equal to the minimum stipulated daily wage in India is(Rs.72), for a piece of Bun and uncooked vegetables!The words PEPE on his shirt makes him feel better(I don't understand branded stuff).Someday I hope that we Indians ,as a society,stop wearing branded stuff and eating chain food and drive these companies to bankruptcy.God.. this is my second request to you!!!

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