Monday, August 10, 2009


Now that I think about it, it seems strange to me, that I have not come across any articles linking Sonia Gandhi and the legendary Italian mafia.

The power,the family ties, corruption,innumerable supporters willing to do anything & not to mention the threat of assassination are a few common details shared by both the mafia and the Gandhi family. If I were Sonia Gandhi , I would be pinching myself every minute, hoping that the dream would come to an end soon.

Chk out the security

I haven't thought of it before, but the act of giving up the post of Prime minister , might have its roots in the Italian mafioso mindset. After all, the mafia is never comfortable in dealing with things in a transparent manner and prefer to wield their influence by arm twisting in the dark. So, is Sonia, sitting comfortably away from the media glare, controlling the affairs of the country in a way resembling the mafia hierarchy?Is she teaching her children and her congress supporters the golden rule of Omerta,in dealing with power?

But perhaps ,the most intriguing question of all-will someone,one day,make a movie on sonia ,which would be as awesome as the Godfather? If so, there are no prizes for guessing the name of the movie.

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