Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A brave new Bike- Altius Scmitar

Its not often that I come across a brand new biking concept in the Indian context. The biking market in India is the world’s largest and it’s a pity that this segment is largely driven by the mass market. Which is why the Altius Scmitar is a brilliant product for a largely insipid market. Unlike the Royal Enfields/ Ninjas/CBRs - this beast is a diesel driven off road vehicle. Not for the light hearted or for those with a weak spine. There are a number of biking enthusiasts who will definitely love to explore the unchartered territory.

This 2 wheeler has a bhp of 33 (disp 670 cc)which is far higher than a standard bullet (about 20 bhp for a 350 cc engine) . I am amazed that a vehicle with such a heavy engine can weigh as little as 175 kgs. The vehicle is lacking in design, but for the real biker it would not be an issue. With a price tag of less than 2 lakhs, it’s easily the best thing to happen to Indian 2 wheeler scene since the advent of the legendary Bullet. I have a feeling that considerable R&D investment has been done to reach the ambitious cost and weight targets.

Hope that this goes on to cater to the true niche segment bikes and delivers on the promises with the prototypes.

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