Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Godhra incident

Update: Today many of them were sentenced to death. Indian judiciary still packs a punch!!!

Its almost 8 years since the train burned at Godhra and at last there seems to have been a verdict. A verdict which holds the muslims directly responsible for murder and conspiracy. Inspite of having a liberal outlook, I have never condoned the aftermath of Godhra. The riots that followed were not just right, but also necessary to set right the balance of power.

At a time when a Hindu extremist is in power in Gujarat, when BJP is at power in the center, had there been no retaliation - then there would have been no stopping the muslim atrocities. We presently put up with a government which is pro muslim & there is little chance that they would risk taking action against any muslim aggression. Lines were crossed at Godhra and they paid the price.
Too bad that most victims( of both the riots & train burnings) are innocent. I would even say that the ones guity of the train burning crime are also responsible for the lives of the muslims who dies in the riots.

The media(local & international) likes to support the underdogs and due to the riots which followed the hindus were given a raw deal. The bias was so strong that even the most independent media outlets were not willing to report the muslim conspiracy angle.
Thankfully the judiciary was not biased and doubt did not enter their minds while setting the death penalty. Only hope that the supreme court follows the same argument from now on.

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