Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Lamest thing EVER

Southpark: one of televisions most disgusting,yet widely watched series of all time.They don't really care about people being sensitive . Their main motive is to make fun of everyone's beliefs .If one episode is dedicated to destroying the conservatives, the liberals are burnt at the stake soon enough.

Cartoon wars, Episode 3 season 10 deals with the fool hardy nature of the broadcasting companies in dealing with the issue of the telecast of Muhammed's image on TV.

A part of the episode deals with the paranoia of the American public, when they hear that Muhammed's image is going to be telecasted on TV shortly.Pretty much everyone in America,in response to the Muslim threat to retaliate , decide on one thing.To bring in truck loads of sand and bury their head in it. Because by doing that ,they can send out a message saying that they were not a part of the television broadcast.

I guess the response of the elite to any crisis is the same all over the world.I feel, this is exactly what the Consortium of Loose and Forward Pub going Women did in response to Ram Sene.
Buried their head in the sand.While the Ram Sene went about enforcing what they thought was right, a group of elite people decided to send the organization pink chaddis.Which is the equivalent of mass burial of head in sand.

Inna final analysis, on one side there is a group of highly motivated, deeply fundamentalist ,decently educated(?) and spirited set of thugs who go about enforcing
their will.. and on the other side there are the rich,English speaking, faceless, immoral(yes, pubbing can never be justified) set of elitists who think that
sending pink chaddis is a class act.

God , I haven't asked for anything from you on this blog. But I beg you , that no matter what, please don't make me a part of the elitist crowd anywhere.Make me feel like a coward who did nothing, but please dont make me do something like send pink chaddis and feel good about it. Pleassseee!

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