Tuesday, April 14, 2009

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There was a time when as a kid, predicting election results were the most obvious thing for me.It was hard to understand why so many people were working so hard campaigning and all,when the winner was so obvious.After all , all that matters is -what perception people have of the candidates and their ability to be a effective MLA/MP/Minister. Time and again I was able to judge who would win in my constituency,although no one took me seriuosly.

So my predictions for the 2009 polls are-
Congress would gain some 20-50 seats more than last time.
BJP would go down a little bit ,but will remain strong opposition.
Left will get wiped out to a single digit party.
RJD might get a bit more than 10 seats. Same for BSP.

Post poll, it would be a situation somewhat similar to what BJP faced in 1998. UPA will have a decent number and will need to work on getting a few more parties on board to reach 272.

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