Sunday, March 7, 2010

A mid march resolution list

It’s been a good year so far. 2010 started slowly for me with absolutely no festivities marking the New Year. I would much rather sleep than party on New Year’s Eve. But finally things have started to move. In feb I was finally out of the bench and started moving things to the desk. Things are flowing now and this is where I suppose I need to take charge of how my life is going to unfold.

(a blog I just came across) seems to have a very interesting style to his resolutions. He has done anaudit of his past years life and come up with related resolutions. I wish I could do that, but since this year is gonna be totally different I will stick to the resolutions part.

I don’t think I will have any unlimited internet access this time around. That means no TV, no internet or even old friends to procrastinate with. YEEAAHHH!!!!
I have decided to continue my boycott of theaters and IPL matches. I am not against either of them, but I guess there is a lot of time left in life for somesuch. Right now, when I have the josh I need to be on the move. Should I extend this resolution to TV serials and TV in general?? Still debating.

I suppose the big change this year is that I am not trying to read any books. Sans any direction, I have read some 100 novels of varying genres over the past few years. I have spent the last few years working it our and now that I am on track I don’t feel the need to read any more arbit books.. So only technical books and acad worthy readings from now on.

Work will obviously take its toll on me and using the weekends effectively is gonna be a challenge. I have shortlisted a few activities for myself in Bangalore like trekking, but i still am not sure. Over the next month I will find some concentration to keep me busy in the weekends and simply do it.

Budgeting expenses has been my biggest weakness over the past 7 years now. I have this new cell phone which has the nokia expense manager software. It seems to be useful and if I even have a fair idea of my expenses I will be a happy happy man.

2009 was a great year with respect to health. I started 2010 with big plans of an exercise routine upgrade, but things have gone badly. I need to re start my exercise-prayer routine ASAP and get things back on track. Early this year I was hoping to continue my previous years form and get into running and cycling.

The past couple of years have seen a lot of travel, official and personal. I am not sure about travelling, but I came across a brilliant temple right next to my place. Will put as many visits to that at least till the time I am based here.

Procrastination continues to be my greatest enemy and I intend to continue the duel with my nemesis.Its seems to be a simple list, but getting back to the simple life is what I am hoping to do.

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