Thursday, July 30, 2009


Its been a few months since I started blogging . I suppose this would be the first post which I don't think I would have ever written , had my blog not been anonymous. Its got to do with the events which unfolded in the first few months in the USA. My association with ISKCON is something that I have not spoken much about to anyone. The intensity with which I was involved with the movement is something which is known to very few people,most of them part of ISKCON itself. It's been a few years now since I stopped associating myself with those people. Its hard for me to tell what exactly I feel when I think about those days-amusing,frustrating,a gut-wrenching disgust- I don't know . Along with what happened to me, I write about the modus operandi operated by ISKCON in their 'recruitment strategy'.

There are always 2 parties involved. The devotee/bhakta whose goal is to brainwash and the Target whose naivety is exploited to convert him to a devotee. The next section will focus on the target, in my case a typical desi grad student in the US,although this can be anyone. The thrid shall detail on the lifestyle of the devotee. Most of this will be pure facts -this will not offend any devotee. In the last section I shall justify why I am against all this- in spite of the many positive aspects espoused by the movement.

Section 2: The Target

Section 3:The devotee

Section 4:The Grudge

My longest and most sincere effort at blogging.


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