Friday, February 20, 2009

Hanging Out?

I don't know really what are the sort of people I want to hang out with.I currently hang out with people of whom, some 5 years older to me.I am treated as an equal ,but somehow some part of me refuses to accept these people as my friends .Weird part is that I tired so hard to hang out with such people earlier and did not get an opportunity to. Now that I do ,I think that I am out of place. To be in a crowd of people who have achieved far more than you in life should make you feel special,of having arrived at the big league or something.It dosent really help that these people are fairly well off with life with a profession and all.

I imagine myself ,standing on the streets, staring at the college going girls ,who give back a venomous stare back at my group. I am now a part of the rocky khannas and amit_123s (see end of post)who hang out with these sophisticated chicks. I need my normalcy back. I need to become a frustu again.

For now I guess the story shall go on. Soon they shall be relegated to being facebook friends I suppose.

PS:I decided not to watch porn even again in my life time. The decision has come in after a lot of deliberations. I am quite sure of the rationale behind this and its time for some action. I felt a shiver going through my body in trying to resist visiting the goddamn websites .

Update: Its been a month away from internet porn now.

In a few days I would have ended up like Randy here.

Another update: It's easy to quit smoking, I've done it hundreds of times. :( My story is not very differnt.

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