Saturday, January 3, 2009

Born again

A new start. A new anonymous start after some 50 odd posts in an earlier blog. I suppose blogging was the hip thing back then and twittering is in rage now. The earlier blog(RIP) was pretty useful in achieving its purpose of being a part of the geek crowd.Now I just need a blog to post my thoughts at a public place.  Not to become popular,but to simple exist.

To start off with I had no clue on the content of this post. But as I continue writing , am starting to get a few ideas.
How I shall get an identity in the blogging world -I have no clue.But I guess if one can consistently come up with posts, which mean something to me, within an year or 2 I should have some form of recognition, even if it is amongst a set of random strangers.
So, with no objective of changing the world, creating happiness or gaining popularity, I have embarked on my new blogging life.
Welcome To My blog!

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