Friday, July 31, 2009

The collectors

The collectors is a short story by Rohington Mistry. I had heard of the author but never really read any of his works. And I am thankful that I did not invest in any of his novels.
How can anyone ,in a story about stamp collection, come up with a story arc involving sodomy? Its as inconceivable as an item number , in the midst of a white house press conference. For no reason whatsoever, the innocent boy in the story , is subjected to sodomy by a classmate. In fact the naive kid agrees to it, on being promised a few stamps. I mean..common Mr.Mistry.. get a life .. I am pretty sure that there might have been traumatic incidents in your life which makes you think different, but you are one big asshole , taking undue liberty of freedom of expression(misuse i say),to come up with random events to make a name for yourself.[faiL]

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